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The Story of Coffee Matters

We really believe in a good story behind good coffee. Our journey all starts and ends with the awesome team behind the Harbour Coffee Co and the support we have received from the Folkestone Harbour Arm.

Story 1

Where it all started

HCC only 2 containers


We opened the doors to our Harbour Coffee shop on Folkestone Harbour Arm in 2017 with a love for great-tasting coffee.


In 2018 we bought the first (and only) roaster to the Folkestone Harbour Arm and haven’t looked back. This roaster opened up the doors for greater opportunity to give people what they love – freshly roasted coffee.

We started by offering our roasted coffee beans as a special, and we received such great feedback that we now solely use our roasts for all our coffees

But you wanted more, and we can’t blame you. We started selling the roasts so that you could enjoy the same great cup of coffee from your own home.

Yep, this all happened in the same year.



The Harbour Coffee Co expanded, opening its sister company SAILBOX, also on the Harbour Arm in Folkestone, which likewise serves up and sells the house special on their selves.

Only the beginning

The word is spreading and the demand for great coffee is growing. We are going national.

To this day, Harbour Coffee only uses the ‘Harbour House’ Coffee with the option of our guest special if you want to try more of our roasted coffee bean range.

We are excited that, as fellow coffee lovers, you can now shop great coffee online and have this delivered to your door across the UK.


We would like to thank the teams at the Harbour Coffee Co, SAILBOX and Folkestone Harbour Arm – this journey wouldn’t have been possible without the appreciation for a really great cup of coffee (and their support of course).

The Harbour Coffee Co has grown from a single shipping container to now five shipping containers as a result of the continued expansion of Folkestone Harbour Arm. We are very excited and thankful to be on this journey with them and watch this space for more exciting things to come.

The Origins of the Great Coffee Story

Over the years, we have made some great and loyal relationships with single farmers to bring you the best coffee beans. We buy from the farmers and do not create blends – only the best will do for us (and you).

We try and test all the coffee first-hand (believe us when we say that’s A LOT of coffee) and then decide on which we think you will love. We then roast the coffee beans ourselves from Folkestone Habour Arm.

Our passion for coffee has only grown and currently, we offer five different coffee beans from Colombia, Peru, Kenya and Rwanda. This is only going to continue evolving and growing.

Walk, don’t run – there’s plenty for everyone.

Harbour Coffee take away cup

We don’t have to say our coffee is good because you do it for us



Folkestone Harbour Arm, CT20 1QH


Get in touch with us for all trade enquiries:



Folkestone Harbour Arm, CT20 1QH


Get in touch with us for all trade enquiries: